Tidligere kursus 2014

Truth & Dare/Raising Voice in Public Space – Edit Kaldor & Ant Hampton

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Raising your voice in public space is not a physically difficult thing to achieve, and yet it can seem like the social equivalent of throwing yourself from a plane. This workshop by Ant Hampton and Edit Kaldor has sprung from a 3-month 'block' they designed for Dasarts (Amsterdam) and explores different modes and the many implications (ethical, emotional, political) of breaking the various established silences which surround us. Like a switch being flicked inside us, this raw and adrenaline-fuelled action can serve as a useful prism for new perspectives, ranging from deeply personal insights to new approaches into site-specific or interventionist live performance practice.


Edit Kaldor

Edit Kaldor is recognized internationally as a unique voice in the contemporary theatre landscape. In her work she mixes documentary and fictional elements and often works with nonprofessional actors. Her performances tend to integrate the use of various digital media in a sophisticated but straightforward way.
Kaldor was born in Budapest, and immigrated as a child to the United States, where she'd lived for ten years before moving back to Europe. She studied English Literature and Theatre at Columbia University in New York, and at University College in London, and had worked for years as dramaturge and video-maker with Peter Halasz (Squat theater/Love theater, New York), collaborating on numerous theatre performances and filmscripts.
During her studies at DasArts (the postgraduate performing arts centre in Amsterdam), she started making her own theatre performances, which soon received international acclaim. She now lives and works in Amsterdam, writing and directing pieces, which stretch considerably the boundaries of theatrical conventions, like Or Press Escape (2002), New Game (2004), Drama (2005), Point Blank (2007), C'est du chinois (2010), WORK (2011), One Hour (2012) and Woe (2013). Her theatre performances have been presented widely in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Ant Hampton

Ant made his first show as Rotozaza in 1998, a project which ended up spanning performance, theatre, installation, intervention and writing-based works, and often focussing on the use of instructions given to unrehearsed 'guest' performers, both on stage and in public settings, as detailed here. Rotozaza became a partnership with Silvia Mercuriali, and ended in 2009 after their last production Etiquette, which was also the first Autoteatro‘show’. Since then Ant has worked with Glen Neath,Joji Koyama, Isambard Khroustaliov, Tim Etchells, Gert-Jan Stamand Britt Hatziusto create the work detailed here- over 48 different language versions exist of the various productions created so far.
Other solo projects include ongoing experimentation around 'live portraiture' as The Other People (La Otra Gente): structured encounters with people from non-theatrical milieu. He was head dramaturg for 'Projected Scenarios' at Manifesta7 Biennial for Contemporary Art and has contributed to projects by Jerome Bel and Forced Entertainment. Prior to their recent collaborations (‘The Quiet Volume’, and ‘Lest We See Where We Are’) Ant worked with Tim Etchells for the 2009 'fantasy-protest' programme of live-art for the ICA, 'True Riches'.
His 2005 collaboration with Britt Hatzius, 'This Site Could Be Yours' involved invitations to over 20 artists and writers in a reflection on site-specific performance, photography and feasibility, and continues to produce off-shoots including a workshop, 'Fantasy Interventions - Writing for Site-Specific Performance'. Ant has also worked as coach / mentor for artist programmes such as MAKE(Ireland), A-PASS, Sound Image Culture(Beligum) and, most recently in late 2013, Dasarts(Netherlands) where in collaboration with Edit Kaldor he designed and mentored a 10-week block, ‘Every Nerve’.

Truth & Dare is a Symposium for professional artist and students from the Danish National School of performing Arts



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Actor's Master Class med Kirk Baltz

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29. januar - 3. februar 2017 i Odsherred.
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